Weight Loss for Life

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Introduction to Radical Self-Care for Weight Loss for Life
by Alice J. Brown Gagnon a.k.a. Violet Eden:

Overeating and obesity are a profound source of suffering. Both are symptoms of deeper suffering – a “self” that is in pain; a self that is in need of attention and care. Our culture does not support the care of the self. It does, however, assert pressure to be thin. In our culture being thin equals being beautiful, successful and lovable. Most people in our culture feel inadequate and ashamed because they are overweight; they feel like failures and losers. “If I could just lose the weight I’d be okay, feel better, enjoy life, find love, start living.” They lose the weight, and it feels great, until they put back on more than they lost. They think, “Why can’t I keep the weight off? What’s wrong with me?” So much suffering.

I suffered from compulsive overeating for most of my life. I was constantly on the binge-diet rollercoaster. Then I learned to “eat within my hunger.” My weight stabilized, and I felt a lot better – I accepted myself and my body the way it was. I didn’t lose much weight, but I was terrified to get caught up in the “insanity” of dieting again, so I counted myself lucky and left it at that. I also helped my clients to feel a lot better – they stopped dieting and learned to accept themselves. They didn’t lose much weight either. Therapists who specialize in eating disorders told me to see these outcomes as successful.

I tried my best not to focus on weight loss. However, in my late 40’s my metabolism slowed down and I could no longer maintain my weight by eating within my hunger. I was totally bummed. I decided to try to “watch” what I ate. I was terrified that I might return to the insanity of feeling deprived and obsessed. I didn’t. Why? Because my self-care was so excellent that I didn’t need extra food to feel loved and happy and cared-for. Here’s the key to the whole deal – if you try to “watch” what you eat before you have mastered radical self-care, it will drive you crazy and you will ultimately fail. Food is what “makes up for” the unmet needs of the self. And even a neglected, crushed-down self is very powerful – it will not be denied. It will get “something” - either good care or extra food (or too much booze, etc.). If you care for the self properly, it won’t “need” the extra food to feel cared-for, and you can eat a healthy diet and watch what you eat without feeling deprived. So, you can have it all: a healthy, happy self, and a healthy, happy body.

Radical Self-Care for Weight Loss for Life will show you how to achieve permanent weight loss. It is also a reference and guide for therapists. With the right information and tools, you will lose all the extra weight and keep it off. You will do this because your self will no longer be in pain, you will care for it – well – and you will feel healthy, happy, lovable and free. I want this for you. I want this for everyone.

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