Core Healing

Core Healing (CH) is a type of therapy that addresses the deeper, "core" issues that are causing symptoms such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, and addictions/compulsions.

Some therapies, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focus on identifying and changing thoughts and behaviors that are causing problems. This approach can be helpful for reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

There are times, however, when CBT is not "enough" because it does not go "deep" enough. CBT changes the thoughts and behaviors that we are "conscious" or aware of. It does not, however, change the issues that we are not aware of, the "unconscious" issues.

Humans are so complex. The unconscious parts of ourselves contain many important aspects of ourselves:

* Feelings from past experiences and trauma

* Values, opinions and beliefs that we're not consciously aware of
  ("core" beliefs)

CH is a process of becoming aware of all of the parts of ourselves and healing the parts that are causing us problems and pain.

There are several kinds of therapy that can be used to understand and heal wounds that are deeper:

* Exploration is a process of becoming aware of the deeper parts of ourselves. The process involves answering questions that will help you to become more aware of your beliefs, opinions, values, feelings, hopes and dreams.

* Insight is used to understand the deeper parts of ourselves by looking at how our past experiences affect our beliefs, opinions, values, feelings, hopes and dreams.

* Core Beliefs Psychotherapy
is a process that is used to change the core beliefs about ourselves that are inaccurate and negative.

CH is a process that utilizes some or all of these approaches to make sure that the pain and problems are healed on both the conscious and unconscious levels. It leads to healthy thoughts and behaviors as well as freedom, peace, hope and confidence.

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