Mindfulness/Moment-to-Moment Awareness (MA), is the practice of being aware and fully present in each moment. It is noticing what you are perceiving with your five senses, thoughts and feelings. It is a heightened sense of awareness that notices what’s being perceived without getting “caught-up” in it; it is awareness without analysis.

When we are caught-up in a moment, we analyze it rather than simply perceive it; we think of other things, the past or the future, and do not pay attention to what it actually happening in the moment. This state of mind leads to stress, anxiety, frustration, worry and depression.

What are the Benefits of Practicing MA?

Stress Reduction

Increased focus, concentration and memory

Greater awareness and self-control

Increased feelings of happiness, compassion and peace

Increased insight into the nature of reality and the self

How is the Practice Developed?

Meditation is the primary tool for cultivating this practice.

I can help you to use MA to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

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