Therapeutic Meditation (ThM) is a practice that involves focusing and calming the mind. It is a simple technique that can be learned in a few minutes.

There are many different techniques to choose from; there is no one right way. It is, however, important to choose a technique that is a good fit for you: your personality, lifestyle, beliefs and goals.

All Techniques Provide the Following Benefits:

* Reduce anxiety and phobias
* Reduce stress and reverse the fight-or-flight reaction
* Create a sense of inner peace and calm
* Accelerate the psychotherapeutic process
* Reduce the use of prescription drugs
* Reduce the use of alcohol and other substances
* Strengthen the immune system
* Reduce cardiovascular problems
* Increase blood flow to the heart
* Reduce chronic pain
* Lower blood pressure
* Stimulate creativity

I will help you to select the ThM technique that will work best for you and teach you to use that technique effectively.

I can also help you to extend your ThM practice into your life through the use of mindfulness, a technique that is widely used in counseling to help reduce anxiety, calm emotions, and increase self-control in stressful situations.

The most widely used ThM techniques are:

Mantra - Repetition of a word or phrase.

Insight - Mindful awareness of the present moment.

Concentration - Following or counting your breath.

Metta - Cultivating loving-kindness and compassion.

I will help you to choose the technique that will work best for you!

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