Recovering from Sexual Abuse

Are you a survivor of Sexual Abuse (SA)?

When someone is manipulated into participating in a sexual activity that they would not normally choose to do, it is SA.

Sexually abusive behaviors are coercive in nature. They include: rape, molestation, exposing someone to pornography or nudity, calling someone sexually derogative names, manipulating one’s partner into having sex when they do not wish it, or manipulating them into performing a sexual act that they do not want to engage in.

If you have been sexually abused, I can help you to recover from the painful effects such as:

* Feeling afraid in the world
* Feeling afraid of people
* Feelings of worthlessness and shame
* Depression and anxiety
* Anger and irritability
* Flashbacks of the abuse
* Feelings of hopelessness

You do not have to continue to suffer. I can help you to recover from the devastating effects of SA and experience freedom, confidence and hope.

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