Marriage Counseling

Is your relationship painful, conflicted, or unsatisfying?

Marriage Counseling can help you and your partner to resolve your conflicts and enjoy a close, loving, healthy relationship.

WHAT IS A HEALTHY MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP? All relationships are unique. There is no exact standard for what a healthy marriage should look like. However, all healthy marriages/relationships share some common characteristics:

• Mutual respect and love for one another

• Open, safe and respectful communication

• Relational intimacy: The couple shares their hopes, dreams, feelings, values, goals, needs and desires with one another

• Respectful, open communication is used to resolve conflicts and a consensus or a compromise is reached that each person can accept, honor, and follow through on

• Issues are not left “dangling.” All issues are discussed and resolved as quickly as possible

• Values Clarification: Healthy relationships have established “values” e.g. What time do we agree to be home by? Will we call each other when we are running late? These values are agreed upon and then honored by both partners

• Sexual Intimacy: The couple talks openly about sexual needs, expectations, desires, preferences and boundaries. Both partners’ needs and feelings are considered. Issues are discussed in an open, honest and respectful way

When a couple is seeking marital counseling, it is generally because the relationship is lacking in these areas and is not as happy and satisfying as the couple would like it to be.

Marriage counseling is a process that teaches couples the skills necessary to achieve a close, loving relationship.

Sometimes there are issues that are deeper and more difficult to overcome. Couples Counseling can also address each partner’s hurts and struggles. Many times the painful issues in a marriage are caused by the individual struggles of the partners. Some of the issues that can affect relationships are: depression, fear, anxiety, anger, addictions and low self-esteem. I will help you and your partner to understand and heal the relational and individual issues that are keeping you from enjoying the close, loving, and satisfying relationship that you've been longing for.

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Marriage Counseling: More about The Core Healing Center

The Core Healing Center serves communities in southeastern Michigan, including: Birmingham Southfield Bloomfield Hills Huntington Woods Farmington Novi Northville Ann Arbor Oakland Wayne Berkeley Ferndale Pleasant Ridge Plymouth Lathrup Village Livonia Beverly Hills West Bloomfield. We provide counseling services for adult individuals and couples. We specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, emotional eating, weight loss, and marriage counseling.