Recovering from Grief

Are you experiencing Grief?

* Lost someone you love because a relationship has ended?
* Experienced the death of someone you love?
* Lost a job or your financial security?
* Lost your ability to do the things you love because of an injury or    illness?

When we experience a significant loss, we go through certain stages:

* Denial: a feeling of shock, numbness or disbelief.

* Anger: intense anger at having suffered the loss.

* Bargaining: trying to minimize or even "reverse" a loss by trying to think or act in certain ways.

* Depression: feeling, sad, down, empty, hopeless and unmotivated.

* Acceptance: The "resolution" of grief. The loss still matters, but we have worked through our most painful feelings about it and can begin living our lives again.

Sometimes we bounce back and forth between stages: anger, bargaining, depression, bargaining, anger...

Sometimes, we get "stuck" in one of these stages and cannot move
past it.

The following suggestions can help you to move through the stages and feel better again:

* Expressing your thoughts and feelings to a friend or support group.

* Keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings.

* Taking extra good care of yourself: getting enough sleep, rest, exercise, and social time.

* If you are feeling stuck, counseling can help you to move forward towards acceptance and hope.

If you are suffering from the loss of someone or something you love I can help. Call or Text (734) 776-2284 or email me.

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