Help for Emotional Eating

Are you suffering from the painful cycle of Emotional Eating?

* Do you turn to food for comfort when you feel upset, angry, hurt?
* Do you feel unable to control the amount of food that you eat?
* Do you feel shame or disgust when you look at your body?
* Are you frustrated by unsuccessful attempts to lose weight?
* Do you have a love/hate relationship with food?

You can change your relationship with food and experience freedom, confidence and a healthy body.

You can:

* Lose weight and keep it off
* Have a relationship with food that is satisfying and healthy
* Feel good about your body

I can help you to learn how to "eat within your hunger," lose weight, and feel better about yourself. To make an appointment, or for more information call or text: (734) 776-2284 or email me.

“I came to the Core Healing Center at the end of my rope. I had struggled with being overweight my whole life and had tried every diet you can think of. Alice helped me to understand and heal the issues that were driving my binge-eating. We worked out a food plan that was enjoyable and healthy. I lost the weight without having to go hungry or feel deprived.”

New Book! Radical Self-Care for Weight Loss for Life by Alice J. Brown

Information on Emotional Eating

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