“I had been in and out of counseling for 20 years and still had no self-esteem. After working with Violet I finally accept and respect myself. I’ve also learned how to say ‘no’.”

“I came to the Core Healing Center at the end of my rope. I had struggled with being overweight my whole life and had tried every diet you can think of. Violet helped me to understand and heal the issues that were driving my binge-eating. We worked out a food plan that was enjoyable and healthy. I lost the weight without having to go hungry or feel deprived.”

“My goal in therapy was to find relief from the terrible anxiety that I had been dealing with my whole life. Violet helped me to meet my goals and beyond! I have overcome the issues that came from my abusive childhood, and my fear and panic are minimal and manageable.”

“I didn’t even know what was wrong when Violet and I began working together. I thought I must just be a ‘loser.’ Violet helped me to understand that I was dealing with a clinical depression. Now that I understand what depression is, I’ll never allow myself to suffer that way again. Violet helped me to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘loser’.”

“I was skeptical about therapy when I started working with Violet. I had felt lousy for so long and thought I had tried everything. Core Beliefs Psychotherapy finally helped me to overcome the fear and low self-esteem that I had been struggling with.